Getting Ready for Spring Traveling

Getting Ready for Spring Traveling

Spring Traveling.

It’s Spring time again. Time to get your TireMinder TPMS ready for travel. Below are some important points to check prior to hitting the road with your TireMinder TPMS.

When’s the Last Time You Changed Your Batteries?

TireMinder transmitter batteries should be changed every year. Make sure you’re taking advantage of our Battery Replacement Program! Every request comes with O-rings.

Click here to request batteries

Cracked Caps

If you’re cap has a crack, it needs to be replaced. You can purchase new caps online here.


Broken Battery Clips or Corrosion

Check to make sure your transmitter’s bracket solder is intact and there is no corrosion.

Support is at the Ready!

Remember, if you get stuck or need any assistance, please give us a call! We can be reached Monay through Friday, 9AM to 5PM Eastern.

New TireMinder T-Shirts!

Travel in comfort and style with the our new TireMinder T-Shirt. All TireMinder T-Shirts are printed on premium American Apparel lightweight fabric. Click Here to order now!



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