Truck And Rv Load And Inflation Tables

Use the Following Load and Inflation Tables to Determine the Correct Baseline Pressure for Your Setup

Where Can I Get My RV Weighed?

  • My RV School has a weighing program available at many local and international RV rallies and tradeshows. To see their current schedule, click here.
  • The RV Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF) has a weighing program available at many international RV rallies and shows. To see their current schedule, click here.
  • Escapees RV Club has a similar program to RVSEF called SmartWeigh where you can schedule appointments at there three locations: Livingston Texas, Bushnell, Floida and Congress, Arizona. For more information on SmartWeigh, click here.
  • CAT Scale has a multiple weighing locations. To find locations near you, click here.

Why Weigh Your RV?

Improper weight and distribution of weight can cause uneven tire wear, increasing the chances of a tire failure, as well as cause premature wear on other components. Having your RV weighed on a per-tire basis allows you to without-a-doubt know what pressure your tires should be set at. Your RV should be fully loaded at the time of weighing, this includes passengers, food, clothing, water, fuel, supplies, any towed vehicles behind a motorhome, and the tow vehicle for an RV trailer. Each tire manufacturer supplies a load and inflation table to find the exact tire pressure. These tables can be found at your local tire shop, online through the respective manufacturer’s website or by visiting: Below, you’ll find an example of a load and inflation table which Michelin provided for their XZE tire.

Tire Load and Inflation Table Example